Monetization Rules

Monetization Plan

This server will follow the Bohemia Interactive Dayz monetisation rules and guidelines as outlined in their policy at

Plans for Monetization

Priority Queue - Our servers are publicly accessible to all players. Players who pay for priority access receive no other benefits except for being placed on our priority queue.

Sponsored Weapons - (Personalized Reskins of existing in-game weapons) - All items created as a result of commissions are placed in the global economy and are accessible for all players at all times. These weapons will be accessible to all players in-game by purchasing them from our Blackmarket Trader or GreyMarket Traders.


Priority Queue: $30.00 USD every 30 days.

Weapon Reskin: $45 USD and will be available to all players at BlackMarket and GreyMarket Trader.

Please note: All sponsored weapons will become available to all players via the in-game trader. You'll need to purchase your sponsored weapon with in-game currency once they've been added to the server.

This is to adhere to Bohemia's monetization regulations.

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